Caught masterbating

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Caught masterbating

 One hot steamy day I was laying naked on my bed with the air condition on high reading one of my favorite magazine's, as I lay there playing with myself I fantasize about walking down the board walk , and over to my boat I get in and leave not caring where Igo, I just wanted to be alone , I ended up on an island that I've never seen before so I stopped to explore awhile, I grabbed my blanket and spread it out, walked around a bit found no one else there so I went back to my blanket, got undressed and went skinny dipping , then I went back to the blanket to dry off and I must have fallen asleep cause the next thing I know is someone is waking me up, I looked up into big brown eye's,he asked me what I was doing on his island , I said that I didnt know it was his island I just stumbled acrossed it and explored and saw no one here so I stayed, I told him I must have fallen asleep.he told me his name was Thad and he is a cop with the NYPD.I told him my name was Terry. I stood so I could shake his hand forgeting that I was naked.

I said ooops, I grabed the blanket sand and all , threw it around me, he said dont worry , no one can see me except him and he said he liked what he saw, and at that point he undressed himself and invided me back in to the lake for a dip , we swam for awhile then came up under a waterfall that is where he started to kiss me , he said he couldnt resist any longer, I kissed him back , it didnt take long for him to find my pussy and finger fuck me while we were kissing , real forced anal against her will he probed me with his tounge, he stopped and told me to follow him so I did , he led me to an underground tunnel that was out of the water , he led me to his favorite place , he kept a blanket there he spread it and layed me down , he started licking my ear , continued down to my stomich and down my legs , and finally at my pussy , he licked me till I was all wet and juicey , he came up and said god, you taste as as honey babe, he got on top of me so I can take his sweet cock in my mouth, he was amazedthat I can take all of him cause he was huge, but I did and he fucked my mouth as i was sucking him all the way down his shaft and up again and down ...he continued to lick my pussy as I fucked his face , after he tasted my cum he got up so xnxxv sunny leone video I can mount his shaft. we fucked for what seemed like forever, after we both came twice , we got up and left back to the island the swim was cold cause the sun went down .when we made it back I got dressed and packed my things, I swam back to my boat , got a pen and paper we exchanged phone numbers , he promised to call me in a fewdays. 

We kissed goodnight I went home.

I am just about ready to come when Tom barged in and asked if I wanted help. at first I was embarressed but he said dont be , he locked the bedroom door and got undressed , came over to me and began eating my pussy he licked till I was fucking his face , he got up so I can suck his dick as I did I was rubbing my hand up and down his shaft as I was licking his dick and balls, he rammed his shaft all the way down my throat,I pumped his dick a litle bit more when he said he was about to cum , I layed back down on the bed he lifted my legs up high licked my pussy a minute more and then filled my pussy with his dick,I wraped my legs around his neck so he can be further in my pussy , we both came in a big .after we finished we got dressed and went into the kitchen to drink some tea.
Tom said that I was his and he shouldnt have done what he did , but he saw me fucking myself like that he couldnt help it , he said I looked so good. but he said that he didnt regret it either , I said good cause neither did I

Even though Tom and I were best friends , we started to date...He asked me whatI was thinking about the other day when I was playing with myself so I told him about my fantacy,so I told him I love to masterbate I love the feel of my pussy.I always think of sexy stories when I do it so it makes me so much horny and I cum harder,I started telling him my fantacy and started to masterbate right in front of him , I peeled off my clothes , ran my hands over my tits and then down to my nice sweetpussy.

He took off his clothes and stated to stroke off watching me play with myself.I look at his yummy cock and think my that would taste good,I bent down and gave him head,He said I am gonna cum so I pumped and sucked untill he spewed all over my face.Tom went down and licked my pussy savoring the taste he finger fucked my pussy as I came all over his face then he came back up and we kissed passionately.Later that evening Tom and I went to a collage basketball game one of his buddy's playes on the team he introduced me to Tim ,He is Tall about 6'3 and 190 pounds,mostlymustle.

Tim came back to my place for a beer and we got into deep conversation about sex and we got very Horny,Tom told Tim how awesome I give head and Tom said Honey why dont you give Tim a blow job I said ok Tim got up and stripped his clothes and I went down to his cock and started to suck it like there was no other cock on earth , TIm started to moan fuck thats good , Oh yeah baby , Tom got down and started to lick my pussy as I was extremy wet from all the excitement I was getting from two guys I was fucking Toms face and Tim was fucking mine.I was about ready to cum and Tom got up and led me to the couch and I strattled Tom and Tim fucked my bum.I was in cock heaven.After Tim left,Tom and I decited to ask Tim if he wanted to be a roomate with us and be another fuck buddy for us.Tim went home and called us and thanked us for the awesome fuck and thats when Tom asked him.At first he was speechless but then as it sunk in he finally agreed.He said he could move in by the following week Tom said great.I will let you know how that turns out in my next story...